COBRA Initial Rights Notice

An employer that sponsors a group health plan subject to COBRA must give each employee and each spouse of an employee who becomes covered under the plan a general notice describing COBRA rights. This "COBRA Initial Rights Notice" or "CIN" is required under federal law and must be provided within the first 90 days of coverage.

Benefit Allocation Systems, Inc., through its subsidiary Cobra Control Services, LLC, can easily and affordably distribute the required CIN. All an employer has to do is log into, and select the appropriate account (if not defaulted to the employer's account). When processing a CIN, an administrator can either add a new employee, or search for an existing employee in the system. The administrator should indicate the dependents associated with the employee and click to confirm the data entered. CCS will mail the CIN to the employee and family on the next business day.

Employers who have not sent a COBRA Initial Rights Notice may consider a issuing notices to all current plan participants ensure they have the required COBRA information. BAS can send multiple CINs at one time with information received through a file upload.

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