Time limit for MyEnroll360 Sessions

Posted by BAS - 12 May, 2022


MyEnroll360 a user’s session after 20 minutes of inactivity. This is an important feature for information systems containing personally identifiable information. Employers may override the 20-minute default value with an alternative timeframe.

Defining Inactivity. A session will be deemed inactive if there has not been a keystroke or mouse-click in the MyEnroll360 window for the timeout session setting.

Session Timeout Warning. Five minutes before the end of an inactive session, MyEnroll360 will prompt the user with a Session Timeout Warning. This will indicate that the session will timeout in five minutes if (1) no keystroke is made, (2) no mouse click is made, or (3) the request for more time button is not clicked. Taking any one of these actions will reset the session timer. If a session is timed out, the MyEnroll360 screen will show a message indicating that the session has expired. Users are given the option to continue their session by entering their password after the session times out.


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