Tax Security Awareness Week

Posted by BAS - 07 December, 2017


According to the Internal Revenue Service, last week was National Tax Security Awareness Week. During this time, the IRS released a tip outlining 5 steps data breach victims can take to protect their financial accounts, identities, and tax returns.

People who are the victim of a data breach should consider the following steps to help protect their sensitive information that can be used on a tax return:

  • Determine what information the thieves compromised. Check emails and passwords along with more sensitive data such as name and Social Security number.
  • Take advantage of credit monitoring services offered by companies.
  • Place a freeze on credit accounts to prevent access to credit records.
  • Reset passwords on online accounts. People should use different passwords for each account, using a password manager or password app if necessary.
  • Use multi-factor authentication when available. This means users may need a security code, usually sent as a text to their mobile phone, in addition to a username and password.

Everyone should use safe online data practices and consider steps to take in the event of a breach.

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