Set MyEnroll360 Administrator Access Schedules

Posted by BAS - 16 June, 2022


MyEnroll360 is available to employer administrators 24/7 from any Internet connection. At any time, administrators can log into MyEnroll360 and view employee information.

Most employer administrators do not need to obtain employee information for administrative work outside of regular business hours. Because all-hours access to the sensitive employee information stored in MyEnroll360 may not be necessary for all client administrators during non-working hours, MyEnroll360 provides for the scheduling of access controls.

Certain accounts can set up limited administrator access. If your account includes this option, you can choose "Setup Access Schedule" under the Utilities section of the MyEnroll360 once logged in as an administrator. Select the appropriate account and administrator, and then identify the times during which the administrator should be granted access. Scheduling can be set day by day in 15-minute increments, or a quick setup allows access 24/7, 24/5 or 12/5 (7am-7pm weekly). Limiting administrator access does not impact the employee (non-administrator) experience of being able to log into MyEnroll360 any time, 24/7.

Placing administrator access limitations allows employers to limit administrators' ability to obtain sensitive employee data off-hours. If you have questions about the Administrator Access Schedule, or if would like to add this feature, please call your account manager or email

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