Remote Work

Posted by BAS - 06 January, 2022


Remote work continues into 2022 for many employees. At the start of the new year, it is important to remind workers of company requirements and security protocol when performing services outside of the physical office space.

Employees should understand that company policies apply regardless of work location. These policies should be drafted to require maintaining productivity and performance levels, communication with management, and adhering to company privacy and security standards.

  • Equipment and Workspace. Employees should ensure they have a quiet and secure work environment. A stable and reliable Internet connection must be available and the workspace should be separate from family members.
  • The workspace must be free from safety concerns. Employees should be advised to notify management if an injury happens while working remotely.
  • Proper time tracking should be used to ensure getting paid for all hours worked.
  • Notification to HR. Employees should notify HR if they change work location.
  • Security and Privacy. Remote work requires private and secure work capabilities. This includes
    • Using a secure Wi-Fi connection
    • Accessing the company network through VPN
    • Avoiding unnecessary use of PHI
    • Shredding business papers when no longer needed
    • Not allowing third parties to access company equipment
    • Not posting passwords

Remote work capabilities should be reviewed periodically to confirm adherence with company standards.

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