Priest Transfers Between Locations

Posted by BAS - 21 October, 2021


Wondering why most of the Roman Catholic Archdioceses, Dioceses, and Religious Groups choose BAS?

It's because BAS’ MyEnroll360 is a perfect benefits administration solution. MyEnroll360’s ability to manage Priest Transfers is just one of the many reasons why.

Priest Transfers Between Locations 

Issue: We learned a long time ago that many Archdioceses and Dioceses experienced angst when transferring Priests from one location to another and the transferred Priests risked a period of time without benefits.

Problem: When a location was directed to transfer a Priest to a new location, the administrator would terminate the Priest from all group insurance plans since the location was no longer financially responsible for the Priest. This left the Priest uncovered until the administrator at the newly assigned location went through the onboarding process for the transferred Priest and added him to the new location’s benefits billing. This resulted in (1) a period during which the Priest was uncovered and (2) unnecessary administrative work for both the old and new location administrators. 

Solution: BAS’ MyEnroll360 benefits enrollment, compliance, billing, and administration system is built on a single, unified database. This unification of data provided BAS with the foundation for building a “Priest Transfer Application” to control the administrative processes involved with transferring Priests from one location to another - without removing the Priest from benefits. 

The MyEnroll360 Priest Transfer Application allows the original location administrator to start the transfer process for a Priest as early as desired. When the removal is initiated in MyEnroll360, an email is sent to the new location administrator asking for acceptance of the transfer. Upon acceptance, MyEnroll360 “transfers” the Priest, but does so without providing disenrollment/enrollment information to the insurance carriers. Instead, MyEnroll360 makes behind the scenes journal billing entries to remove billing for the Priest from the original location and add billing for the Priest to the new location.

MyEnroll360 controls the transfer and manages all the premium billing debits and credits. This allows the Priest to be transferred without any enrollment transactions with the carriers, eliminates gaps in coverage during the transfer, and makes the Priest along with the Archdiocesan/Diocesan HR Admins, CFOs, and Locations very happy.

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