New Account Implementation

Posted by BAS - 07 March, 2019


BAS has processes to implement new client accounts quickly and accurately. After contracting is complete, BAS schedules a data discovery meeting with the client to fully understand the new account.

Depending on contracted services, BAS’ implementation team may include:

  • Director of Account Management (project lead), 
  • Director of Operations (project manager)
  • Implementation Services Manager
  • Implementation Services Data Analyst
  • Sales Executive
  • Director of Programming
  • COBRA Services Manager
  • EDI Services Manager
  • ACA Services Manager
  • Client Billing Services Manager

Each implementation is guided by a combination of BAS’ implementation playbook (the Discovery Document) and the Project Plan (an expanded version of a timeline).

The Discovery Document captures all the set up requirements for the new accountThe Project Plan includes the set up and testing, along with client-specific requests. The client will sign-off on both the Discovery Document and Project Plan and any subsequent major revisions to ensure all parties are in synch.

MyEnroll auto-generates dozens of reports that run nightly to identity incomplete, questionable and missing data during implementation. These quality control reports may include,

  • Accounts missing pay schedules
  • Employees who are not assigned Core Benefits if they are available to their class code
  • Employees listed with missing info (Address, Gender, DOB etc.)
  • Coverages missing waiting periods
  • Coverages missing formulas to calculate benefits and premiums (Life & Disability)
  • Coverages missing rates

BAS offers weekly sync-up calls to provide collaboration on implementation, along with ongoing check-ins to make sure setup runs smoothly.

For information about new account implementation or about BAS services, contact

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