MyEnroll360 Services: Pension

Posted by BAS - 10 September, 2020


Much More than Pension!

Invest in a pension plan and retirement management solution that not only supports new hire onboarding but also supports any type of pension calculation.

  • Flexible Setup
    Easy, self-service configuration for building audience-specific pension processes
  • Go Paperless
    Completely online pension statements for all types of content mediums: PDFs, Videos, FAQs & more
  • Standardize Content
    Online pension management will enable you standardize content to ensure message consistency
  • Benefits Information
    Our Benefits Info widget will present each new hire their specific benefits
  • Employment Forms
    Easily setup all your employment & tax forms for  24/7 access
  • Training Videos
    Include all your introductory and training videos for on demand viewing
  • Check Lists
    Setup checklists for each pension audience, so you can manage communication of their requirements
  • Integration
    Payroll & HRIS integration
  • Controls
    Setup audience specific timing controls for turning on & off pension statement access

Easily Configurable!

With MyEnroll360 Pension, you can set up personalized, customized information by employee benefit class, location, department or other data parameters. Imagine having different individualized, controlled messaging and content by location or groups of locations like schools, parishes, cemeteries or other entities.

Regardless of your audience MyEnroll360 Pension lets you quickly and easily build personalized, customized and guided pension processes for new hires and any other audience!

To learn more about our pension services, click here.


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