MyEnroll360 Customizable Login Notice

Posted by BAS - 04 March, 2021


When users log into MyEnroll360,  they are directed to a landing page with an information statement. Before users can move further into MyEnroll360, they must click a button agreeing to the statement. The language on this initial information statement page may be customized by each employer.

The statement is loaded initially with standard default language that reads

You are accessing a third party information data system authorized by your employer. By continuing to use this system, you understand and agree to abide by the Terms of Use which may be accessed at the home page. You understand that your use of the system may be monitored, recorded or audited, and that we use cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with system navigation. By clicking "Accept & Continue" below, you agree to monitoring, recording, auditing and the Terms of Use. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy which may be accessed at the home page. Unauthorized use of this site is strictly prohibited.

Users are presented with a radio button to click to continue.

An employer may wish to customize this initial greeting and privacy statement for its own workforce. The Logon notice is a great way to communicate with employees. For more information, please contact your account manager or

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