MyEnroll Reference Library

Posted by BAS - 03 August, 2017


Every employer has specific human resources documents their employees need to have in their records, and MyEnroll provides a central location for all necessary documents, forms and links. This feature is referred to as the Reference Library.

To locate the Reference Library, you will first need to log in to your MyEnroll account with your username and password. When your home page appears on your screen, you can access the Reference Library two ways: clicking the “Library” button on the button bar or finding the “Access Reference Library” link under the Tools subheading of the Employees tab.

As an employer, building your own Reference Library is simplified within the MyEnroll platform. There’s no limit on the categories you create or the documents you upload, so you can build an extensive document library without the fear of running out of space.

Here are just some examples of important documents that can be stored within the Reference Library:

  • Medical Plan Descriptions
  • Dental / Vision Plan FAQs
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Plan Documents
  • Vacation Policy

The Reference Library is plan year specific, allowing an employer to update documents for a new plan year before the open enrollment period. Employees will still have access to the current plan year documents regardless of what you upload for the next plan year.

Employers have the ability to customize the Reference Library to grant access to all employees, or to restrict access according to Benefit Classes. This allows employers to configure tools that provide information to employees on a class-by-class basis.

Documents that apply to a number of Benefit Classes can even be uploaded once and copied into different folders. This allows you to save time and the trouble of uploading duplicate documents.

For more information about building your Reference Library, please contact your Account Manager or call 800.945.5513.

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