MyEnroll Leave of Absence Billing

Posted by BAS - 28 January, 2021


BAS can administer billing and collection of benefit premiums for employees on short-term, unpaid leaves of absence.

Employees take leaves of absence for a variety of reasons: FMLA, personal reasons, sabbaticals etc.  In many cases, these leaves of absence are taken without pay. Employers may want to allow employees to continue benefits during the leave (disability benefits, life insurance, health benefits not through COBRA, other benefits) but don’t want the stress of figuring out how to get paid for the coverage. BAS can help.

With our Leave of Absence Billing Service, employers can continue benefits and get employee payments during the leave. BAS collects your daily or weekly data about billable benefits that will continue during the leave of absence. BAS then sends the employee on leave an invoice with payment coupons for the employee to pay their share of contributions easily and seamlessly. BAS collects payments and remits them back to you.

To find out more about BAS’ Leave of Absence Billing services, contact your account manager or

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