Implementation Quality Controls

Posted by BAS - 09 March, 2023


When you add a new BAS service, you can be sure to experience a quick and accurate implementation. BAS’ Implementation Team ensures new accounts and new services are implemented quickly, easily, and properly.

Implementation is guided by a combination of an implementation playbook and a project plan timeline. The playbook, referred to as the “Discovery Document,” captures the setup requirements for operations and processes. BAS uses this to capture all data points that need to be added to MyEnroll360 to properly configure the account. The “Project Plan” captures setup and testing which is followed for implementing new services.

BAS also reviews extensive reports that identify incomplete, questionable, or missing data as part of the quality control process for implementation. Whether adding a new service or creating a full new account, BAS follows comprehensive processes and procedures to make sure implementation is accurate, complete and meets client needs.

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