FSA Eligible Expenses

Posted by BAS - 10 January, 2019


BAS makes it easy to determine if an expense is considered a medical expense eligible for reimbursement from a health care flexible spending account plan. In order to maintain its tax-favored status, a health care FSA may only reimburse expenses for medical care.

BAS has an easy-to navigate eligible expense table accessible in MyEnroll.com. This table identifies expenses that are typically eligible for reimbursement from a flexible spending account plan and is a great tool for determining if a charge will be considered eligible for reimbursement if properly substantiated.

Simply log into MyEnroll.com. Click on Employees in the main menu. Under the Flexible Spending Accounts tab, click on Health Care Expense List. After clicking on the link, a new window will pop up giving you access to a table of typically reimbursable charges.

While each plan may set its own requirements for reimbursement, employees may find this list a useful tool for navigating the FSA reimbursement process.

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