Department of Labor Addresses Long COVID

Posted by BAS - 21 July, 2022


The U.S. Department of Labor announced a commitment to supporting workers with long COVID and providing resources for employers to support their workforce. Long COVID is a condition when people who were infected by COVID-19 continue to have lingering or new symptoms well after the disease ends.

The Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy is offering an online dialogue for employers called Understanding and Addressing Workplace Challenges Related to Long Covid. The online site is intended to identify workplace challenges and address employment and financial problems resulting from long COVID. The DOL is looking for feedback on

  • Challenges workers with long COVID face in the workplace;
  • Ways employers can support their workers with long COVID;
  • Effective practices to inform both workers and employers about long COVID;
  • Organizations to engage in developing solutions for those affected by long COVID; and
  • Methods to address obstacles faced by workers with long COVID when trying to obtain needed disability benefits.

To participate in the dialogue and submit ideas, click here

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