Check for Deceased Participants

Posted by BAS - 05 September, 2019


Employers have a financial interest in confirming that only eligible employees and/or retirees are receiving benefits under their plans. It is often difficult for employers to keep accurate records of retiree information. Sometimes, a retiree passes and the former employer is not informed of the death. This can create increased costs and liabilities for the employer.

BAS can assist with managing retiree data. In particular, BAS’ retiree records and death master file comparison service allows employers to easily check government death records to identify a decease retirees whose family or estate has not notified the employer of death.

BAS’ retiree records and death master file comparison service compares an employer’s retirees recorded in MyEnroll360 with the most currently issued Social Security Administration Death Master File (“DMF”). The DMF is a data set of SSA-known United States Citizens’ deaths, which consists of more than 86 million records. While the SSA might not have notice of all deaths, it is a very comprehensive database.

Through a subscription to the SSA’s DMF Service, BAS updates the MyEnroll360 database with monthly files of deceased individuals. BAS runs a comparison of active retiree records that match records in the DMF to identify retirees listed as active who are reported to the SSA as deceased.

Comparing and correcting retiree records can save employers money and potential liabilities. If you are interested in learning more about BAS’ DMF Service, contact your account manager or

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