BAS COBRA Services

Posted by BAS - 01 September, 2022


BAS, through its subsidiary Cobra Control Services, LLC, provides a complete turn-key COBRA (and continuation of coverage) administration solution.

CCS offers everything you need in the cloud for COBRA administration & compliance. Having CCS take care of COBRA notifications, premium billing and collection allows you to concentrate on your business and leave the COBRA work to us.

Services include:

  • Dedicated implementation team
  • Implementation project planning
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Client-to-BAS private, secure data interchange support
  • BAS-to-Client private, secure data interchange support
  • BAS-to-Carriers private, secure data interchange support
  • Automated General Rights Notices print/mail
  • Automated Qualifying Event Notices print/mail
  • Private, secure online COBRA accounts
  • Premium billing, collection & remittance
  • Toll-Free and email support for COBRA Continuants
  • Toll-Free and email support for Client’s administrators
  • In-the-cloud COBRA platform
  • User-based and roles-based access control
  • Multi-factor authentication for system login
  • Online archive of COBRA continuants correspondence
  • Online COBRA continuant accounts with billing details

For more information about BAS’ COBRA services, contact your account manager or

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