Tripwire Security Protection and Monitoring at BAS

Posted by Marla Roshkoff - 29 February, 2012


In our ongoing effort to protect and be good stewards of our clients’ data, BAS employs Tripwire IT software security for file change and server log monitoring.

Today, it is not sufficient to simply install security controls to protect the perimeter against hackers; in fact, the concept of a perimeter is close to fully dissipated. Therefore, BAS has taken additional steps in its data protection efforts. Toward this end, BAS has implemented Tripwire® VIA™ which is an integrated, controls-based platform for data protection, providing a best-practices, data-centric approach to managing modern security requirements.

BAS's data security process through Tripwire provides immediate protection against the most common IT vulnerabilities and threats, and empowers BAS to monitor its IT assets more intuitively, with added business context. Through its dedicated personnel, BAS is able to identify and address any data issues timely and responsively.

The Tripwire VIA platform provides BAS with a market-leading set of integrated content for security hardening and continuous monitoring to protect its critical data and while mitigating risks. This enables BAS to automatically identify and fix weaknesses in its security defenses, if any, and detect when someone has approached its systems. Tripwire allows BAS to identify any suspicious or unexpected data events in comparison to BAS' assets, business services and risk profiles.

BAS, with the help of Tripwire, has integrated its critical security controls in ways that turn the data BAS maintains into information that helps BAS improve and perfect its security posture.

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