Revocation of HIPAA Authorization

Posted by BAS - 05 July, 2012


There are many reasons that an employee might want to execute a HIPAA Authorization Form, which allows an employee to designate a personal representative to interact with BAS on the employee's behalf. Refer to our Newsletter Article dated May 3, 2012 for information about HIPAA Authorizations.

Through a HIPAA Authorization, an employee may authorize BAS to speak with spouses, adult children, and temporary caretakers for several reasons, including facilitating FSA claims and billing matters, among others. Individuals should pay attention to their need for an Authorization, and should inform BAS when the need for the HIPAA Authorization has passed.

To revoke a HIPAA Authorization, an individual must submit the revocation to BAS in writing:

Mail: 132 Ivy Lane
P.O. Box 62407
King of Prussia, PA 19406
Fax: (888) 265-2144

BAS will follow the revocation for future communications after the revocation is received and processed. The revocation should either be specific enough to identify the prior authorization being revoked, or broad enough to revoke any and all prior authorizations. For more information, contact the BAS Privacy Officer at

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