1094 Transmission Due Monday

Posted by BAS - 28 March, 2019


Employers subject to the employee shared responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act should have distributed their 1095 Forms to full-time employees and covered individuals by March 4, 2019. After the Form 1095 distribution, employers focus on transmitting their ACA information to the IRS.

The IRS is informed of coverage and offers of coverage through the transmission of Form 1094. Form 1094 is in most cases an electronic transmission to the IRS that includes all data provided on Form 1095. Form 1094 electronic transmissions must be completed by April 1, 2019.

Each separate employer in a controlled group must transmit its own Form 1094. While employers may transmit multiple Form 1094s, one form from each employer must be marked as the authoritative transmittal.

If an employer has 250 or more 1095 Forms, the 1094 transmission must be made electronically. For employers with fewer than 250 1095 Forms, the 1094 may be mailed to the IRS in a flat envelope.

BAS will transmit Form 1094 electronically for employers who engaged BAS for 2018 ACA data collection and form preparation services. For information about BAS’ ACA services, contact your account manager or solutions@BASusa.com.

Topics: Health Care Reform (ACA)

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