New Hires Start off the New Year

Posted by - 07 January, 2012


BAS has added four new employees to its team to start off the New Year. BAS's new hires will provide support in large account management, programming, call center and administration.

BAS President Arthur Taylor noted "Since the economic travesties that occurred in late 2008, and irrespective of the difficult economic conditions throughout the world since then, we have had an optimistic view of our industry. Thus, we have continually made investments in our people, technology and facilities to assure our clients continue to receive the service excellence they deserve."

Taylor commented further: "Of course it's nerve-racking to add new staff members and expend capital in a time when most businesses throughout not only our country, but the world, have put reinvestment in their businesses on hold. However, we are confident that these investments, and those we expect to continue making throughout 2012, position BAS as a formidable competitor and a top-shelf choice for employee benefits administration outsourcing."

Commensurate with Mr. Taylor's comments, BAS has already embarked on augmenting its operation's business continuity infrastructure by redesigning its telephony network and upgrading switches and other integral equipment. Additionally, BAS is in the process of deploying its telephonic equipment across multiple data centers to assure a more diverse geographic footprint to protect against regional risks.

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