BAS' Private Health Care Exchange Technology Solutions

BAS’ insurance enrollment and billing system is perfectly suited as the base enrollment and billing system for forthcoming health care exchanges that desire a single, comprehensive ben/admin and billing solution.

Entire “Benefits Life Cycle” provides support for the entire “benefits life cycle” from hire through separation. automation not only includes new hire, life event and annual open enrollment self-service for employees and administrators, but also includes BAS insurance operations for transmitting and managing electronic data exchanges (“EDI”) with employers’ payroll systems (for setting employee deductions) and with insurance carriers (for setting plan enrollment).

Payroll and Insurer EDI

Presently, BAS’ EDI Operations works with the nation’s major payroll systems (e.g., ADP, IOI, NFC, etc.) and insurance carriers (e.g., Blue Cross Plans, Anthem, Aetna, CIGNA, United Health Care, Delta Dental, VisionService Plans, etc.). BAS EDI Operations' processes hundreds of EDI files weekly that comprise tens of thousands of records per file.

Simple Selection from Multiple Plans

BAS will be developing new user interfaces for helping health care exchange members “navigate” multiple health plan options, in order to easily filter the few plans best suited to their needs based on their personal situations (e.g., demographics, income, risk tolerance, etc.). These user interfaces will provide employees with quick, easy and intuitive online self-service capabilities expected from powerful systems in today’s 24/7, self-service environment.

Exchange Premium Billing & Collection

BAS billing solutions will provide all of the individual and group premium billing, collection and collection support needed to assure accurate accounts receivable with clear insight into collection matters. BAS’ full service premium collection will support many participant payment types such as credit cards, check, wire transfer, etc.

Private Branding

Health Care Exchanges (“HCE”) employing BAS’ and EDI Operations will be able to privately brand the online user interfaces and communication emails and documents for a clear HCE identity.

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For more information about BAS’ Health Care Exchange solutions, please contact Robin Block at (610) 992-2516 Email: or Charles Bradley (610) 992-2508 Email:

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