Question of the Week - Open Enrollment Requirement

Posted by BAS - 30 November, 2023


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Q.- Do we have to hold an open enrollment each year?

A.- Maybe. If you have a cafeteria plan and your employees pay for benefits with pre-tax dollars, you must give them the opportunity to change elections every 12 months. If you are a large employer subject to the Affordable Care Act requirements, you must provide your employees an effective opportunity to enroll in coverage at least once per plan year.

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MyEnroll360 can Integrate with any insurance carrier for enrollment eligibility management (e.g., Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Kaiser, CIGNA and many others), and integrate with any payroll system for enrollment deduction management (e.g., Workday, ADP, Paylocity, PayCor, UKG, and many others).

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