MyEnroll360's Mass Email Manager

Posted by BAS - 11 April, 2024


Effective communication with employees is important, especially during critical periods like open enrollment. MyEnroll360 offers a seamless solution with its Mass Email Manager, facilitating effortless connections with the workforce.

Simplify Open Enrollment Communication

Open enrollment can be chaotic, requiring efficient communication with specific employee groups. MyEnroll360's Mass Email Manager is designed precisely for this purpose. Unlike standard email programs struggling with complex distribution lists, BAS provides a user-friendly tool for sending targeted "mass emails" to relevant employee groups.

Empower Administrators with Self-Service

A standout feature of the Mass Email Manager is its self-service capability. HR administrators can independently draft, send, and manage emails, reducing reliance on external assistance from BAS. This empowerment enables organizations to communicate swiftly and effectively without intermediary delays.

Tailor Messages with Precision

The Mass Email Manager offers robust population filters for customized communication:

  • Audience Type: Choose between administrators or employees for targeted messaging.
  • Specific Locations: Target employees based on their work locations.
  • Specific Classes: Address distinct employee classes as needed.
  • Coverage Categories: Refine communication for specific benefit categories.

Draft Perfect Messages

MyEnroll360 integrates a rich text/HTML editor for crafting well-designed and precise messages. Attach essential documents or materials directly to emails, with the flexibility to specify the email domain name, adding a personal touch and enhancing recipient familiarity.

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Elevate your employee communication strategy with MyEnroll360's Mass Email Manager. For information or assistance, contact your account manager or email

Benefit Allocation Systems (BAS) provides best-in-class, online solutions for: Employee Benefits Enrollment; COBRA; Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs); Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs); Leave of Absence Premium Billing (LOA); Affordable Care Act Record Keeping, Compliance & IRS Reporting (ACA); Group Insurance Premium Billing; Property & Casualty Premium Billing; and Payroll Integration.

MyEnroll360 can Integrate with any insurance carrier for enrollment eligibility management (e.g., Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Kaiser, CIGNA and many others), and integrate with any payroll system for enrollment deduction management (e.g., Workday, ADP, Paylocity, PayCor, UKG, and many others).

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