AI Regulations Coming

Posted by BAS - 16 November, 2023


The Biden Administration issued a first-of-its-kind Executive Order addressing artificial intelligence (AI). This Order empowers the federal government to regulate AI models before they can be used.

Guidelines for AI Safety and Security:

The White House emphasizes that this Order prioritizes the well-being of consumers and workers as it provides comprehensive guidelines for AI safety and security. It also includes a strong focus on protecting Americans' data privacy and upholding principles of equity and civil rights. The administration recognizes a goal to establish the United States as a global leader in AI governance.

Key Requirements Under the Order:

  • Safety Test Disclosure: Developers of AI systems must disclose safety test results.
  • National Security Memorandum: A National Security Memorandum must be developed to identify further actions on AI and security.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standards: NIST is tasked with developing standards and tests to ensure AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy.
  • Risks in Life Sciences Research: Agencies involved with life sciences research must have plans to mitigate risks associated with using AI to engineer potentially hazardous biological materials.
  • Content Authentication Guidance: Guidance must be developed for labeling AI-created content.

Preventing Discrimination and Bias:

The Order includes measures to prevent discrimination, bias, and other abuses in various industries by preventing algorithmic discrimination.

Advancements in Cybersecurity:

Building upon the Biden-Harris AI Cyber Challenge, the Order establishes an advanced cybersecurity program. This program encourages the development of AI tools designed to identify and address vulnerabilities in critical software, enhancing cybersecurity measures.

This monumental action marks the White House's pioneering effort to mandate new safety assessments, equity and civil rights guidelines, and in-depth research on AI's impact. HR professionals should be aware of these developments, as they may have a profound influence on AI-related policies, practices, and compliance within organizations.

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