Boosting Cyber Resilience: A Business Continuity Solution

Posted by BAS - 07 December, 2023


In a collaborative effort, the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have introduced "Business Continuity in a Box," a tool to help organizations quickly and securely restore critical business functions in after a cyber incident.

Designed to address compromised data and system integrity, Business Continuity in a Box consists of two components—Continuity of Communications and Continuity of Applications. These components focus on maintaining seamless communication and establishing temporary business-critical applications during a cybersecurity incident.

Aligning with CISA’s objectives for Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, the initiative aims to equip businesses, irrespective of size, with valuable and cost-effective resources. By providing free tools, the goal is to enhance our national cybersecurity posture and fortify organizations against potential cyber threats.

Stay ahead in the realm of cybersecurity with Business Continuity in a Box—a collaborative solution tailored to fortify business resilience during and after a cyber incident A copy of the resource may be accessed by clicking here

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