Retiree Premium Billing, Collection & Communications 

BAS’ retiree billing and communications solution provides employers with a remarkable outsourcing solution.  As complete turnkey solution, employers can eliminate the time consuming work of preparing premium billings, collecting payments, depositing payments, reconciling bank accounts, managing the accounts receivable, sending dunning (late pay) notices and all of the other tasks required to manage a retiree billing program.  BAS services include:

Initial Setup & Data Reconciliation

The initial setup of your retiree outsourcing can be accomplished in a matter of days, often in hours.  One of the most valuable BAS retiree services is the initial collection and reconciliation of retiree data to assure accurate addresses, active eligible dependents and benefit assignments/elections.

Initiating Employee to Retiree

Whether you want to process an employee to retirement manually or through file uploads from your HRIS/payroll systems, provides the most expeditious and easy functionality.  Manual processing requires only a few seconds of your staff’s time.  File uploads likely require no staff involvement other than sending the files to BAS where we will process the file on your behalf.

Automated Benefits Assignment

If benefits are different between an employee’s active class and their new retiree class, will automatically assign the correct retiree benefits immediately upon the change from active to retired.  In a matter of nanoseconds your employee is properly assigned the correct retiree benefits.

Automated Instant Premium Billing

Instantly upon assigning an active employee to a retirement class, will generate your prescribed cover letter, participation rules, ancillary documents (i.e., SPD, notices, etc.), and premium billing coupons.  And, of course, BAS’ staff will package and mail those materials.

Interim Billing Statements

Whether you choose a monthly or quarterly retiree premium billing frequency, BAS sends each eligible retiree a full set of the appropriate monthly or quarterly billing coupons at the beginning of each plan year.  Then, monthly or quarterly, BAS sends reminder payment statements and payment coupons to retirees. 

Secure, Professional Premium Collection and Processing

No HR/Benefits department should have payment checks floating around the office.  That’s why BAS utilizes professional banking services to collect and process retirees’ premium payments.  The results of those payment transactions are then processed into to update retirees’ accounts.

Self-Service Account Access Module

These days’ retirees are Internet savvy, and with, BAS provides them with instant, secure, 24/7 access to account information, correspondence, prior billing coupons, account billing and payment information and much more – what they want, on their schedule. 

Self-Service Life Event Module

BAS Retiree Support Services includes the Life Event Module.  This module provides retirees 24/7 access to self-service enrollment changes due to your organization’s permissible life event changes.  By integrating your organization’s specific mid-year life event change rules into, your retirees will be able to keep their enrollments up-to-date.

Electronic Data Interchange Module (EDI)

The BAS EDI module can move retiree elections, address updates, dependent updates, and other benefits-relevant data to insurers via electronic data interchange.  Regardless of your insurers’ file exchange standards and processes (including XML), BAS can provide instant or batch updates.

Professional Call Center

BAS professional call center provides both your administrators and retirees with support for their use of, address updates, benefit elections, billing and payment issues and other retiree inquiries.