Premium & Expense Billing Solutions Overview

A Trusted Invoice is a Paid Invoice

BAS offers three types of premium billing solutions:

Location Billing – Designed for organizations with divisions or locations that need to be billed for their share of insurance premiums. These premiums can be for the locations’ employees’ group insurance benefits, or it can be for the the premiums need to pay up to the organization’s “central office” for coverage like property, casualty, workers comp, general liability, fine arts, etc. This billing solution can also be used to bill locations for their share of other expenses where payments need to be directed to the organization’s central office.

Consolidated Billing - Designed to have all of the group insurance bills (health, dental, vision, life, STD, LTD, etc) directed to BAS and where BAS will organize, reconcile and consolidate the amounts due into one invoice for the organization. BAS delivers the single invoice to the organization, then uses ACH withdraw technology to obtain the funds from the organization. Thereafter, BAS uses those funds to pay all of the various insurance carriers.

Retiree Billing - Designed to offload an organization’s entire retiree billing responsibility to BAS. Please click here to jump to our Retiree Billing information.

Custom Solutions -’s billing module offers remarkable flexibility to bill practically any type of item. Whether you represent a municipality looking for a better and less expensive way to collect taxes, a not-for-profit looking for a more efficient and less costly way to collect contributions, or any other billing process, BAS can help you.