Enrollment & Eligibility Overview

From Hire to Retire, and Beyond

You can turn to BAS and its MyEnroll.com enrollment system when you’re looking for a complete solution. BAS supports online, paper and telephonic enrollment for all of the primary and one-off processes:

  • New Hire Communications & Enrollment
  • Mid-Year Life Events Enrollment
  • Open Season Enrollment
  • COBRA Election & Open Enrollment
  • Retiree Certification & Enrollment
  • Domestic Partner Enrollment

Our table-based rules assures consistent application of Section 125, Section 132, HIPAA, COBRA, Insurance Carrier, and your organization’s eligibility rules.

Our vast experience supporting Federal Agencies, School Districts, Colleges, Municipalities, Public Corporations, Not-for-Profits, and Private Companies, and our efficient discovery and implementation process enables us to bring full online enrollment solutions online in a few short weeks.

Enrollments Options

MyEnroll.com’s remarkable flexibility and customizable structure empowers clients to “have it their way” including:

  • Administrator-only or employee self-service enrollments
  • Paper, Telephonic and Online Enrollment
  • Passive, semi-passive and active enrollments
  • Enrollment for only one benefit plan or for each and every benefit plan offered to an employee
  • Multiple Open Enrollments per Year
  • Limitless Insurance Plan Types are supported
  • Online Benefit Plan Statements
  • Documents and Web Links Library
  • Standard Opening, Mid-Point, and Ending Enrollment Period Notices via Email Plus Customizable Notice Scheme
  • Vanity Toll-Free Call Center Numbers and Call Metrics

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