Compliance Reporting Solved


Get on your way to health care reform compliance with BAS' complete data collection, consolidation, and reporting solution. 

Under health care reform, the IRS is imposing complex reporting requirements and regulations on employers. To comply, you must begin collecting and consolidating all of the required benefits, payroll, and timekeeping data.  

An efficient system for managing this information will be essential for headache-free compliance. BAS’ data collection, consolidation, and reporting solution gives you all of the necessary tools for reporting peace of mind.

Here’s a detailed look at the solutions:

  • IRS Sections 6055 and 6056 reporting and Shared Responsibility compliance
  • Easily consolidates benefits, payroll, and HR information into a unified database,
  • Complete data collection and consolidation across all locations
  • Compatible with centralized and decentralized payroll systems
  • Unlimited monthly batch data uploads and manual data input
  • Downloadable Excel templates for quickly gathering the right employee data
  • As many administrative users as you need
  • Administration support and toll-free client services center with a personalized touch
  • Premium reporting options available

All with the data privacy and security that you expect:

  • HTTPS secured transactions
  • Comprehensive HIPAA safeguards
  • Monitored and audited data loss and leak prevention controls
  • Encryption for emails with personal information
  • Data backups performed daily and mirrored across geographically diverse data centers
  • 7 years of online data retention at no additional cost
  • SOC-1 internal controls and SOC-2 IT audits

With over 25 years of experience, BAS is ready to help you tackle health care reform along with all of your other benefit administration needs.