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Outsource your Location Premium Billing & Collections
We support billing any kind of expense from any source. We can bill property/casualty & health plan premiums, tax assessments, pension, operating expense and other expenses.
Combined H/W & P/C Location Billing
Regardless of the number of your locations (aka divisions), we can support all your decentralized invoicing needs.
Simplify ACA Compliance
We’ll take care of the complex requirement to e-file your ACA data with the IRS as a standard service.
Ensure Secure Transactions & Data
From our ongoing investment in leading security technologies & real-time security auditing to our HIPAA-based operations, we are committed to ensuring both data privacy and security.
Gain Flexibility to Do More with Less
Our HR, Benefits, Property/Casualty software in the cloud to automate & control onboarding, communications, enrollment, compliance & premium billing. Because you can do more for less & without compromise.
Automated Premium Self Reporting
Our life & disability Insurance self-billing premium reports provide all the current & retroactive premium accounting for you. All you need to do is send it to your carriers with your payment.
Collections Via ACH & Check
We’re super flexible with collection options including: ACH debiting services, lockboxes for payments by check, and credit/debit card payments.
Improve Enrollment Timeliness & Accuracy
We make it so easy to plan and host open enrollments including New Hire, Special, Annual, Mid-year Life Event & Retiree Enrollments.
Automated Calculations & Reporting
Bring your pension plan communications, statements and retirement balance calculations online, quickly & easily.

Let our powerful platform work for you, not the other way around.

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