Benefit Allocation

  • aboutIn-the-Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • No Software to Buy
  • No Hardware to Buy or Maintain
  • No “Seat” Licenses
  • Software Owned, Operated & Customized by BAS
  • BAS Implementation Team Discovery & Setup
  • Toll-Free Call Center
  • Turnkey & Custom Solutions


BAS and its is the enterprise insurance enrollment, administration and billing in-the-cloud solution that is leading the way for companies to maintain high levels of process and costs controls with a trusted partner. Our trusted cloud apps and platform include:

  • – BAS built, owned, & operated private web portal for employee and administrator self-service access 24/7.
  • Section 125 & 132 Record Keeping – Supporting employee pre-tax benefits administration for health & welfare plans plus employee transit programs.
  • ACA Data Collection and Reporting – BAS' Affordable Care Act (health care reform) Administration and Compliance services are designed to support the entire ACA data collection, data analysis & reporting life cycle. 
  • Enrollment & Eligibility Administration – Online, Paper, & Telephonic Employee Enrollment using table-based rules to manage the entire employee benefits life cycle including new hire communications & enrollment, mid-year life enrollment, annual open enrollment, dependent certification, domestic partner management, retiree enrollment & certification, insurance carrier premium reporting, insurance carrier, payroll and HRIS systems electronic data interchanges (EDI), and much more…
  • Retiree Billing – Online, Paper, & Telephonic Retiree Enrollment and Premium Billing. Whether you want annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly billing, we have a solution to offload this burden and the call center support, too.

Low cost. Low risk. Fast results.