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  • Exceptional Solutions
    A unified, powerful system for all services – a la carte or combined.

    Let cutting-edge, future-proofed technology work for you, not the other way around.
    Everything you need for creating complete, personalized new hire guided onboarding.
    Onboarding was a new hot topic before COVID-19, but now is a hotter topic because of the need to serve new hires from anywhere. Using our New Hire Onboarding platform, you’ll be able to personalize and control the entire onboarding journey across your organization, locations, and employee classes.
    • Ensure a great onboarding experience
    • Customize you self-guided onboarding
    • Standardize your content
    • Ensure compliance
    • Personalized for each new hire
    • Message differently per location
    • Message differently per employee class
    • Edit content instantly
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    From hire to retire, we’ve simplified the employee benefits enrollment & administration.
    Our powerful, unified enrollment platform includes all you’ll need to have an agile, robust solution that’s easy to use. We’ll take care of your implementation and annual open enrollment setups; so much so that we’ll guarantee our implementation fee 100%.
    • Ensure enrollment & premium accuracy
    • Use to strengthening your benefits administration
    • Online & paper enrollments 24/7
    • EDI & API eligibility management with carriers
    • EDI & API deduction management with payroll
    • EDI & API data coordination with HR systems
    • New hire, mid-year life event, & annual open enrollment
    • Dedicated, professional account manager
    • Location premium billing integration
    • COBRA services integration
    • ACA services integration
    • FSA & HRA services integration
    • Management dashboards & reporting
    • Dependent audits & verification integration
    • Toll-free customer care center
    • And much more!
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    Expert ACA record keeping, Form 1095 preparation & mailing, & IRS e-filing.
    When you need a precise & proven ACA solution that serves your end-to-end needs, you’ll find our solution is head and shoulders above most.
    • Handholding ACA account implementation
    • Professional, dedicated account manager
    • Complete ACA-required hours record keeping
    • Stability & measurement period calculations
    • Payroll system integrations
    • Forms 1095 B&C preparation, mailing & e-delivery
    • IRS ACA e-Filing
    • IRS ACA notice response support
    Our special blend of high-tech ACA record keeping & reporting coupled with every day, handholding support will ensure timely and accurate results that will give you the peace of mind you want.
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    Timely, accurate and verifiable compliance that will give you peace of mind.
    Our tried & true online COBRA compliance solution ensures your COBRA qualifying event notices and general rights notices are accurate and go out on time. You initiate the transaction through our MyEnroll360 online portal and we’ll take care of notifications, billing, & collections. Includes:
    • Same-day account setup
    • BAS-performed printing & mailing
    • General Rights Notices
    • Qualifying Event Notices
    • Premium billing, collection & remittance
    • Enrollment collection & employer advices
    • Fast system updates due to regulatory changes
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    When you want a full-service administrator that can handle plans with between two to several thousand participants, you’ll want to explore our solution. Whether as a standalone service or integrated with our other services, our FSA/HRA solution will make your employees happy with timely and accurate claims processing and reimbursements. and friendly & professional service support.
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    Reduce your pension plan administration costs and update your technology & communications
    Update your legacy plan administration & communications with quickly implementable solutions that will give you peace of mind and your plan participants timely, easily accessible account information, including:
    • Customizable Interest & Pay Calculation Engine
    • Online Pension Statements with paper-to-PDF convertor
    • Retirement Balance Estimator
    • Data Collection for Actuaries
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    Retiree Billing
    Off-load tedious, time-consuming retiree communications, premium billing, collection & accounting.
    Let our highly automated, professional retiree billing services save you time & money. We can make your retiree billing solution hum and win back your day. Includes:
    • Configurable or customized solutions
    • Blended electronic and paper billing & communications
    • Supports premium & other expense billing
    • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual billing options
    • Premium calculations by retiree class & rules
    • Premium collection by check, ACH and debit card
    • Dedicated, professional account manager
    • Dependent audit & certification options
    • Online private & secure retiree accounts
    • Communications archive
    • Toll-free customer care support
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    Location Billing
    Improve your collections and efficiencies with our managed Location Billing service.
    Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of locations/entities our robust and flexible billing solution can help you consolidate any type of billable expense into detailed invoices that get paid.
    • Electronic and paper billing options
    • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual billing options
    • Bill any type of premium or other expense
    • Management dashboards
    • Management aging, rollforward & other reports
    • Lockbox and ACH collection options
    • Online account profiles with integrated aging information
    • Dedicated, professional account manager
    • Toll-free customer care support
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    Consolidated Billing
    Reduce your costs and win back your day with our Consolidated Billing, Reconciliation & Remittance solutions.
    Whether billing for health plans, property/casualty policies or both, streamline your payment process by consolidating all of your insurers’ & TPAs’ bills into one premium payment. No need for your office to spend any more valuable time organizing, reconciling and paying each bill individually. Save time and money by letting us do the work for you! Includes:
    • Pay one consolidated monthly invoice for all premiums
    • Supports group health insurance plans
    • Supports property & casualty insurance policies
    • Carrier invoice reconciliation
    • Carrier payments on your behalf
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We’re connecting with dozens of the leading insurance carriers, payroll providers, accounting systems and third-party content systems to ensure quick & efficient data synchronization, so you and your employees will have the most up-to-date information across all your related systems.

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At BAS, if we can make you happy, then we can’t make you happy enough. Our team is dedicated to the mission to provide tailored solutions for your organization. We'll work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure your success. Our unique blend of future-proofed cloud software, back-office transaction & reporting services, and handholding support will guarantee your implementation is up & running on time and 100% useable.

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We’re supporting more than 3,500 clients nationally with more than $1.3 billion of premium billing and other services. We’re certain we can help you!

Current Clients Include:

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Religious Groups

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MET's & VEBA Trusts

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BAS has served thousands of organizations, covering a wide range of industries, locations, sizes, and needs. Your solution should be as unique as your business, which is why BAS is determined to understand your needs and provide you with the best possible solution. BAS has the expertise to configure a tailored solution for you and your employees.


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