Getting Started with Premium & Expense Billing Solutions

A Trusted Invoice is a Paid Invoice

You can love all of the wonderful features of premium billing outsourcing, but nothing matters more than a fast, accurate implementation delivered on time.


BAS’ tried-and-true new client discovery process has worked for more than 20 years to delivery new account setups and premium billing solutions with all of the required features and controls – on time, every time.


We’re so sure of our implementation process that we will guarantee it with a 100% refund of the setup fees, if we don’t deliver your setup and retiree billing on time as a result of work under our control.

Here’s How it Works


  • 1/2 – 2 Days – BAS and client representatives meet to discuss needs, retiree culture, plan designs 
  • Client (or its broker/consultant) provides BAS with all of the plan documents, rates, formulas, and retiree census data
  • BAS performs the complete setup of MyEnroll for the employer including customizations of billing invoices & communications
  • BAS builds and tests all EDI files, if any
  • BAS holds a web sharing teleconference to demonstrate the client’s new MyEnroll setup and capabilities
  • Client provides BAS with refinements
  • BAS launches billing and manages it on an ongoing basis