Premium & Expense Billing Features

A Trusted Invoice is a Paid InvoiceTM

Administration that Clicks!

We offer a highly flexible and feature rich premium & expense billing solution within our Standard service level. However, you can enhance out Standard services with many options:

  • Standard division/location billing to manage billings and collections between an organization and its division/location
  • Standard consolidated billing to manage all of the group insurance premium billings an organization receives from its insurance carriers
  • Standard supports any type of premium or expense to be billed
  • Standard Annual, semi-annual, quarterly & monthly billing frequency options
  • Standard accounts receivable management and reporting
  • Standard online account billings and receivables information
  • Standard online documents & email history archive
  • Standard Toll-Free customer service call center
  • Standard secure bank lock box collection
  • Optional direct collections by Client
  • Optional expanded customer service call center hours
  • Optional customer service call center vanity toll-free numbers and reportable call metrics
  • Optional communications writing and distribution