Flexible Spending Accounts

The Industry’s Leading Online FSA Administration Solution!

Benefit Allocation Systems’ (BAS) online FSA solution provides the best-practices claims processing and reliability that will provide your employees with the most professional administration.

You and your employees will find that BAS’ FSA administration – with easy to use online accounts and friendly toll-free customer service – will elevate your administration experience above all others.

Enrollment Efficiencies – Online and Paper

Our MyEnroll.com enrollment and administration system makes it quick and easy to enroll FSA participants.

Whether you have employees self-service their enrollments online, or they use our FSA enrollment forms, you’ll find that your participant’s data is loaded quickly and accurately.

Compliant, Best-Practices

First, we start with MyEnroll.com our leading HR/Benefits enrollment and administration system used by federal agencies, local government agencies, school districts, colleges, public companies, private companies and not-for-profit organizations every day to manage complex, organization-specific enrollment and benefits compliance.

Then, we incorporate our expeditious, best-practices claims processing to assure claims are processed timely and accurately. The fact is, employees will be the best “sales people” of your FSA program if they are having a great experience with their claims processing timeliness and accuracy and customer service friendliness and responsiveness.

Everything You Need

Our FSA administration solution gives you everything you need to provide your employees with a great administration experience.

  • Online account access 24/7
  • Online claims detail histories and status
  • Debit cards
  • Daily claims processing of non-debit card claims
  • Weekly claims reimbursements of non-debit card claims
  • Employee online FSA education module
  • Multiple employer account funding options
  • Toll-Free customer service for administrators
  • Toll-Free customer service for employees & qualified beneficiaries
Timely, Accurate & Verifiable

When it comes to FSA administration, it’s all about being timely, accurate and verifiable.

One of the biggest impacts on FSA enrollment is an administrator’s reputation within the employer’s workforce. Once employees figure out an administrator does a great job processing FSA claims, word gets around quickly and has a favorable affect on participation year-after-year.

That’s where BAS and MyEnroll.com comes in. Our tried-and-true professional customer service and user-friendly automation provides your employees with the best FSA program experience.

No Software, Hardware or Licenses to Buy

MyEnroll.com runs as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) from the Internet. So, you don’t have to buy any software, licenses, maintenance contracts or special computer equipment to take advantage of our powerful FSA administration. And, you won’t need any support from your IT staff. Simply, you and your employees access MyEnroll.com from the Internet using a standard web browser.

Participants are Always in the Know

One of the great features of MyEnroll.com and its FSA claims processing is that we keep participants in the know throughout the processing cycle.

First, when participants use our personalized, bar-coded claims form, MyEnroll.com will send them an email to confirm our receipt of each claims submission.

Second, once we process a claim, MyEnroll.com sends the participant an email confirming the processing is completed.

Third, whether participants choose to have their non-debit card claims (claims not paid with, or not payable by, debit card) reimbursed by check or direct deposit, we provide them with the same concise Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement, at no additional charge.

BAS’ FSA administration is full of important features that provide employers and employees with easily accessible communication materials, enrollment, information, balances & claims history, and best-of-breed administration.

When it comes to FSA account access and information transparency, BAS’ MyEnroll.com online enrollment and administration system provides employers and employees with browser-based access to all of their FSA communications, enrollment, claims, reporting, and other important information online 24/7.

Inexpensive, Fairly Priced Services

Over the past 20+ years, we have honed our FSA administration – from new hire communications right through to year-end, grace period claims processing – to such an extent that we are able to pass on our efficiencies as a fairly priced, feature-rich administration solution.

Daily Claims Processing

BAS’ claims processors work to assure timely and accurate processing. As we process each set of claims a participant submits, MyEnroll.com confirming email messages to participants, so they know their claims submission status as-soon-as possible.

Participants can log on to their private, secure MyEnroll.com accounts 24/7 to access their FSA balances and histories that break down each claim, for each participant and their dependents, into (1) Paid, (2) Pending Payment, and (3) Denied views.

Weekly Reimbursements

For claims that are not eligible for, or processed by, our debit card, FSA participants may choose to receive their FSA claim reimbursements via paper check mailed to their homes or direct deposit to the bank account of their choice. Regardless of the participant’s reimbursement mode, at no additional charge.

Whether participants choose paper checks or direct deposit, the mailing of checks and transmissions of direct deposit funds occurs each Tuesday. Additionally, BAS provides each participant’s (who had claims processed) a paper Explanation of Benefits describing the items paid or denied as part of the week’s reimbursement process.

Debit Cards

BAS offers the Benny Prepaid Benefits Card, developed by Evolution Benefits, the leader in innovative payment services, with our administrative program for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).

Using a prepaid benefits card improves cash flow and increases benefit convenience for participants. Without cards, using tax-favored benefit accounts like health care FSAs can be cumbersome. Participants have to pay for eligible expenses out of pocket, submit claim forms and receipts, and wait for reimbursement. In essence, they “pay twice and wait.” So, in spite of the tax savings, many people choose not to participate. But prepaid benefits cards change all that!

The Benny(SM) Prepaid Benefits Card is a special-purpose Visa® card for use with FSAs and QTAs. With Benny, participants simply swipe the Card and the funds are automatically deducted from the applicable benefit account(s) for payment. Benny eliminates most out-of-pocket cash outlays and paperwork, as well as the need to wait for reimbursement. This convenience and improved cash flow leads to increased enrollment, contributions, and FICA savings for employers.

FSA Education

BAS maintains a series of communication materials that have proved very useful in teaching the value and operation of FSAs. Whether the communication is to employees are learning about FSAs for the first time or are long-time FSA participants, these materials can be helpful in educating employees and garnering increased participation.

Our new FSA-Central.com website provides you and your employees with a comprehensive, set of interactive video-based FSA overviews and print materials. This FSA educational site is accessible at www.FSA-Control.com and is available 24/7.

A few of our employee communication materials include, but are not limited to, these handouts:

  • Health Care FSA (HCFSA) Overview
  • Dependent Day Care FSA Overview
  • Home Mailer Post Card Alerts
24×7 Online Account Balance & Claim Detail Information

FSA participants (and administrators) may access account balance and claims detail on MyEnroll.com 24×7. Information online includes: (1) Annual elections, (2) Remaining balances, (3) Pending payment, (4) Amounts paid, (5) Amounts denied, and (6) Claims information grouped by claimant (i.e., employee and dependents).

Quarterly Reminder Notices

Quarterly, MyEnroll.com sends reminder notices to FSA participants who have email addresses recorded in MyEnroll.com, to review their FSA accounts. If a FSA participant does not record an email address in MyEnroll.com, these notices can be sent to the employee’s home via regular mail service (subject to contracting).

Two and One-Half Months “Grace Period”

Regulations issued in 2005 extended the period in which FSA participants may incur claims from a 12-month to a 14 and ½-month period. This significant change provides employees with more time in which to incur expenses, use their annual elections, and reduce the likelihood of fund forfeitures.

MyEnroll.com, based on your specific account setup preference, can accommodate the use (or non-use) of the 14 and ½-month claimable period. If you choose the Grace Period extension for your plan, MyEnroll.com will “roll-back” claims incurred during the Grace Period to the prior plan year, automatically, when prior year funds still remain claimable.

Post-Plan Year 90-Day Claims Run Out

Whether your chooses a traditional 12-month or the newer 14 and ½-month claimable period, BAS will provide a 90-day claims run out period, subsequently. This run out period provides 90 days following the end of the 12 or 14 and ½-month claimable period in which employees may submit claims for reimbursement.

Fast & Easy Setup

Getting started with our Flexible Spending Account (and COBRA, too) services is quick and easy. You can use our online account setup program to complete the entire process in a matter of 10-15 minutes (use the menu tab above labeled “Purchase” to initiate the program that will guide you through each step for a quick, easy and accurate setup).

Once your account is setup, MyEnroll.com will send you confirming emails including, but not be limited to:

  • BAS/MyEnroll.com Welcome Guide
  • Email Confirming Your Account Setup Data
  • Email Presenting Your MyEnroll.com Administrator Temporary User ID
  • Email Presenting Your MyEnroll.com Administrator Temporary Password
  • Email Delivering Debit Card Banking Forms for Completion & Return

Additionally, at this point, you will be able to use MyEnroll.com to:

  • Enter employee records and manage their personal and personnel data
  • Generate personalized enrollment forms
  • Generate generic enrollment forms
  • Download Employee Communication Materials
  • Download Debit Card Banking Forms
  • Setup ACH Claims Account Funding
  • Setup the Online Documents & Links Library
  • Assign Additional Administrators
  • Enroll, Modify, and Terminate Participants
  • Initiate Your Annual Election

If you need assistance at any stage of the setup process, we are available during our regular office hours of 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, Eastern Time. Simply call our toll-free number at 1-800-945-5513 or request a scheduled appointment by sending an email to info@basusa.com.


Enrolling employees in an FSA plan with MyEnroll.com is fast and easy. From within MyEnroll.com, you have three employee enrollment options:

  • Personalized enrollment forms
  • Generic enrollment forms
  • Employee, online self-service enrollment
Personalized Enrollment Forms

From within MyEnroll.com, you can generate personalized FSA-Only enrollment forms for your employees.

Simply enter all of your eligible employees into MyEnroll.com and then print personalized FSA-Only Enrollment forms. Have a lot of employees and want to load a data file for names, addresses and other personal data? BAS can help!

If you provide us with a data file meeting our specifications, we will gladly upload your initial employee data, so you don’t have to spend time with data entry. Simply send an email to info@BASusa.com and request information about loading initial employee data for FSA-Only Services, at no additional cost.

The personalized FSA-Only Enrollment form pre-fills the employees’ names, addresses, and other pertinent information from their data previously entered into MyEnroll.com.

Administrators can distribute these personalized forms to employees for completion and return to the employer’s benefits personnel.

Administrators can perform the FSA enrollment in MyEnroll.com from the completed enrollment forms. Alternatively, employers may request BAS to perform the enrollment data processing from these forms for a, small additional fee.

Generic Enrollment Form

For employers that don’t want to enter eligible employees’ basic personal data (name, home address, and benefits class) into MyEnroll.com, and only want to enter (or have entered) FSA participating employees into the system, we offer a generic enrollment form (GEF).

The GEF is blank FSA enrollment form that employees complete with their full name, date of birth, gender, home address, and annual election for the healthcare and/or dependent day care flexible spending accounts.

Administrators use the completed GEFs as the basis for entering employees into MyEnroll.com. The GEF can be used for new hire, mid-year life event change, and annual open season enrollments.

Claims Account Funding

BAS offers employers several convenient methods for funding their employees’ claim reimbursements made through debit card transactions and direct reimbursements including direct deposit and paper checks.

Debit Cards

Debit Cards offer FSA participants a wonderful convenience. However, implementing and maintaining debit cards requires that employers pre-fund up to 5% of the FSA participants’ annual elections each week.

The debit card funding process is quite simple. First, you need to complete the list of documents shown in the first chart below. While filling out those forms, you will need to decide on a funding level, as described in the forms and summarized in the second chart below:

Chart #1 – Employer Debit Card Setup Forms

  • Evolution Benefits Standard Employer Setup Information
  • Bancorp Authorization for ACH Debits / Credits
  • Bancorp Deposit Account Agreement
  • Bancorp Bank Internet Banking Agreement
  • BAS Authorization for Automated Withdraws

Chart #2 Replenishment Options and Pre-Funding Rate

  • Daily ACH Debit, initiated by Bank
  • 3% Pre-funding Rate Weekly ACH Debit, initiated by Bank
  • 5% Pre-funding Rate Weekly ACH Credit, initiated by Client
  • 6% Pre-funding Rate Weekly ACH Credit, initiated by Client
  • 7% Pre-funding Rate Weekly Wire, initiated by Client
Direct Reimbursements

There are many health care claim expenses that participants cannot purchase with a debit card (i.e. expenses incurred at unauthorized vendors such as convenience stores).

Also, dependent day care expenses, generally, cannot be paid with a debit card. Therefore, complete FSA administration requires an integrated, direct claim reimbursement capability.

With BAS’ services, employees have the individual option to choose to receive direct reimbursements by either direct deposit into the banking account of their choice, or to receive reimbursement checks at their home mailing addresses. And, there is no cost difference to the employer.

New Account Implementation

The FSA administration implementation process is quite simple and quick. Whether you are converting your group mid-year from another administrator or are going to launch your account coincident with your annual open enrollment period, the BAS implementation teams can have you up and running in a few hours (see mid-year conversions below for a extended setup of 1-2 days).

Mid-Year Conversions

When an employer is wants to convert to BAS’ services mid-year, we make it very easy to do so. And, whether you use our online account setup wizard that guides you through the account setup in a matter of minutes and is available 24/7 for self-service, or your work with our service teams directly, we can have your group transitioned within 1-2 business days.

The key to a smooth mid-year transition, after the employer sets up its FSA account with us, includes two important steps:

First, the employer needs to obtain the absolute, most current FSA participants’ balance data and provide BAS with separate sets of data for health care and dependent day care FSA participants, including:

  • Annual Elections
  • Year-to-Date Claims Paid
  • Year-to-Date Employee Payroll Contributions
  • Remaining Annual Elections (annual election – claims paid)

BAS will load this data into MyEnroll.com, and use it to continue processing claims for the current year.

Second, the employer needs to communicate, with BAS’ assistance, with FSA participants – as of a specific date – to direct them to discontinue sending their claims to their current administrator, and introduce BAS as the new administrator.

Annual Open Enrollment Coincident Implementations

Employers interested in setting up FSA administration along with a forthcoming open enrollment need to make sure they:

  • Setup their account online (see “Purchase” menu it top of this page)
  • Provide BAS with the current plan year balances, and
  • Prepare FSA communication materials for distribution to employees.

Also, FSA administration transitions coincident with a new plan year open enrollment requires setting up current FSA balance information, so BAS can provide current year claims run out services (i.e., taking over for the current administrator).

Generally, it is easier for the employees to send claims to one administrator than try to figure out which claims go to a prior administrator and which claims go to the new administrator.

Day-to-Day Administration

Day-to-Day administration is a snap with BAS’ support services. For the most part, an employer just needs to keep their employees’ data updated in MyEnroll.com by adding new hires, updating address changes, and terminating employees who separate from the organization.

Employee Adds, Updates, and Terminations

Employers can choose to handle their new hire enrollment by allowing employees to go online to self-enroll their FSA account(s) or process the enrollments themselves from employee paper enrollment forms.

Whether employees self-service their new hire enrollments or an employer processes such enrollments, MyEnroll.com will manage the eligibility, in accordance with the employer’s pre-set new hire waiting periods and other rules.

Employers can handle mid-year changes and terminations simply by using their administrative access to MyEnroll.com to make enrollment changes and account terminations, as necessary.

Note about COBRA Integration – Of course, if an employer contracts with BAS for both FSA and COBRA administration, an FSA termination will flow directly through to the COBRA module, automatically.

Electronic Data Interchange

For larger organizations, BAS offers electronic data file interchanges (EDI) to process new hires, updates, and terminations in batch files. This optional service is valuable for larger organizations that have too much activity to process manually. Speak with a customer service or implementation team member about this option.


BAS offers three types of reporting:

  • Scheduled, Automated Reports
  • Online, Standard Reports
  • Online, Customized Reports

Scheduled, Automated Reports

Our scheduled, automated reports provide employers with FSA participation and balance reports each month. This is particularly convenient for administrators who have a “full plate,” and don’t want to have to go into MyEnroll.com to run reports.

BAS can schedule any type of report for an employer group. However, we are always mindful that such reports cannot contain any Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI).

Online Reports
BAS offers employer many different FSA and census reports. These reports are accessible 24/7 and, at the click of button, download into Microsoft Excel for easy formatting, charting, and other manipulations within the world’s most familiar spread sheet program. These reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee Census Reports
  • Dependent Census Reports
  • FSA Enrollment Reports
  • FSA Balance Reports
  • FSA Claims Detail Reports (only employees accessing their own accounts)
  • Customized Reports

Customized Reports

Since BAS is the manufacturer and sole owner of MyEnroll.com, we have full time programmers that can help employers develop customized reports to meet special reporting needs. These reports can be scheduled for automated delivery (provided they don’t contain PII/PHI) or reside on MyEnroll.com report generator for the employer’s secure, ongoing use 24/7.

Generally, BAS does not charge for customized report development; however, in some instances such reports are highly complex; thus. BAS reserves the right to a charge a fee that it will disclose up front before any development.


BAS has had tremendous success helping employers garner high participation in their FSA plans. Often, BAS support results in healthcare FSA enrollments in excess of 20% of the eligible population.

Unequivocally, this success is a result of employer’s willingness to implement comprehensive communication programs that go far beyond just stuffing a few informational brochures in an enrollment kit.

BAS communications support includes:

  • BAS’ Educational Site: www.FSA-Central.com
  • Email communications
  • Enrollment Kit Materials
  • Postcard announcement home mailings
  • Onsite seminar presentations
  • Webinar presentations
Record Keeping

A critical component of FSA compliance includes record keeping. Within MyEnroll.com, employers can maintain all of the necessary eligibility, enrollment, and claims records needed for compliance.

For active accounts, BAS retains all data online during the term of the contract. For terminated employer accounts, BAS retains at least seven years of data online from the date of termination. Note: this is subject to change without notice except to existing clients under private communications.

BAS can also examine an employer’s self-insured medical plans and life insurance plans to ensure they too, meet nondiscrimination requirements set forth under the Code and related regulations.

The information necessary for BAS to perform testing is outlined in the Plan Nondiscrimination Request for Information form (please see Additional Links on this page).