COBRA Overview

The Leading Online COBRA Administration

BAS’ Cobra Control Services online COBRA Administration solution provides the best-practices processes and reliability to help you comply with federal COBRA and states’ “mini-COBRA regulations. From online account setup right through premium billing and collection, you can rest assured your COBRA administration is timely, accurate and verifiable.

No Software, Hardware or Licenses to Buy runs as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) from the Internet. So, you don’t have to buy any software, licenses, maintenance contracts or special computer equipment to take advantage of our powerful COBRA administration tools. And, you won’t need any support from your IT staff. Simply, access from the Internet using a standard web browser and your good to go.

COBRA Can Be Costly, Time-consuming and Complicated

There’s no two ways about it; without the right administrative tools and support, COBRA can be costly, time-consuming and complicated.

But, if you are looking for the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to manage your COBRA administration, then we’ve got the answer for you.

Administration Power at Your Fingertips

Our enrollment and administration system makes it quick and easy to satisfy all of your compliance, record keeping, notifications, billing, collection, and reporting requirements.

You’re Always in the Know

One of the great features of and its COBRA processing is that every notice and document we send out is both imaged and archived with your qualified beneficiaries’ online accounts, so you can always access the audit trails and details of every process.

Second, every notice generates and sends out is saved as a PDF and emailed to you as the administrator with the qualified beneficiaries’ names and subject matter in the email. This means that anytime you initiate an Initial rights notice or Qualifying Event Notice, you receive a PDF copy via email to confirm the processing and mailing.

Compliant, Best-Practices

First, we start with a leading HR/Benefits enrollment and administration system used by federal agencies, local government agencies, school districts, colleges, public companies, private companies and not-for-profit organizations every day to manage complex, organization-specific enrollment and benefits compliance.

Everything You Need

Our COBRA administration solution gives you everything you need to generate compliant initial rights notices, qualifying event notices, billing coupons, and other notices dependent on participants’ activity and status.

Timely, Accurate & Verifiable

When it comes to COBRA administration, it’s all about being timely, accurate and verifiable.

COBRA disputes and litigation often revolves around an employer’s inability to prove consistent notice and election processing. The fact is, the courts are looking for an employer to be able to prove their processes are timely, accurate and verifiable.

That’s where comes in. Our tried-and-true automation occurs the same way, every time; so, you can be confident that each and every COBRA process occurs on-time, every time along with valuable audit trails.

State Mini-COBRA Laws

Are you an employer with fewer than 20 employees and subject to a State’s “mini-COBRA” regulations? We can help you, too. will adjust its qualifying event notice preparations and key processing parameters (e.g., election periods, coverage durations, etc.) to meet your State’s requirements, automatically, based on your employee count size.