From New Hire Communications Right Through Retiree Premium Billing – Administration that Clicks!

Significantly reduce your group health insurance spend by automating and supporting the full life cycle of employee benefit plan transactions – from hire to retire. Such automation and back-office support services will reduce expenses by creating efficiencies and controls across eligibility management, enrollment, premium billing, regulatory compliance and employee support processes.

BAS’ cloud-based employee benefits administration portal for administrator and employee self-service eligibility management, enrollment, and reporting coupled with BAS professional support call center supports the entire employee benefits life cycle – from new hire communications right through retiree premium billing – with the most advanced technologies and current best-practices.

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Enrollment & Eligibility

BAS’ enrollment management entails a special blend of employee communications, 24×7 online self-service and paper enrollment, rules-based eligibility controls, employee benefit statements and insurer & payroll deduction electronic data feeds.

By automating and supporting new hire, mid-year life event, and annual open enrollments, BAS can help you reduce costs, improve enrollment & premium accuracies, and improve your team’s administrative efficiencies.


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BAS’ COBRA Control Services online COBRA Administration solution provides the best-practices processes and reliability to help you comply with federal COBRA and states’ “mini-COBRA” regulations. From online account setup right through premium billing and collection, you can rest assured your COBRA administration is timely, accurate and verifiable.


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Flexible Spending Accounts

Benefit Allocation Systems’ (BAS) online FSA solution for medical, dependent day care and transit expenses provides the best-practices claims processing and reliability that will provide your employees with the most professional administration.

You and your employees will find that BAS’ FSA administration – with easy to use online accounts, debit cards, and friendly toll-free customer service – will elevate your administration experience above all others.


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Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement Administration

BAS offers Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) administration to the growing number of employer plans that are integrating HRAs into their benefit plans.

BAS’ HRA solutions provide employers with standalone HRA, or combined HRA and FSA, administration solutions that can help combat rising health coverage costs while offering easy online account access and prompt, personalized customer service.


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Retiree Billing

BAS’ complete Retiree Billing solutions offer the broadest ha deepest capabilities that help organizations reduced costs while improving efficiencies and retiree satisfaction. With a complete solution including communications, premium billing, premium collection, premium reconciliation, and toll-free call center support, your organization can do the unthinkable – reduce your costs and make significant program improvements in a matter of a few weeks!


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Premium & Expense Billing

BAS Insurance Premium and Expense Billing solution delivers best in class accounting and billing capabilities, reduces time to value, and improves collections, dramatically from your locations/divisions.

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your billing infrastructure or a single module to drive quick wins, BAS Insurance Premium and Expense Billing solution can help. It can support any type of billable expense and distribute invoices via email and USPS on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual cycle.


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HR Services

BAS offers a comprehensive set of Human Resources and Benefits solutions and products to help employers manage their HR and Benefits needs. Our compliance service provides employers with a needed resource for advice and guidance on HR and benefits questions. BAS’ trusted professionals provide the compliance services companies need at drastically reduced prices.  Having a law firm or consulting firm perform the services offered by BAS services would cost hundreds of dollars per hour. BAS’ fees are drastically reduced, due to our efficient practices and economies of scale.