Private Healthcare Exchanges

BAS is uniquely positioned to set up and administer your private exchange product. From enrollment and eligibility, to billing, reporting and carrier interfaces, BAS has the proven technology to interface electronically with all the necessary players.

Our track record with administering large employer trust and health plan arrangements with both accuracy and flexibility puts us in the unique position of already performing the key functions of a private exchange.

BAS has the leading edge technology and experience…

  • Completely customizable website tools, for consumer shopping experiences, comparisons of plan options, provider search tools
  • Premium billing capabilities, including master billing and employer/individual interfacing and retroactive billing
  • HIPAA compliant Electronic Data Interchange with multiple carriers and administrators
  • Proven experience administering various open enrollment periods, overlapping enrollment periods, change in life event scenarios and special enrollment event. Dedicated call center solutions for customer service support 

We are able to partner to provide all or a portion of the operational technology for the establishment and administration of a private exchange. To explore the possibilities you may contact Arthur S. Taylor at 610.992.2500 or or Marla Roshkoff at 610.992.2520 or

Key Exchange Competencies

Exchange Types
– Private

– Single Oracle Database
– NetApp Fiber Disk Arrays
– ASP.NET Web Interfaces
– IIS Server Farm w/ Load Balancing
– Redundant Internet Connectivity
– Redundant Cooling
– Redundant Electric
– SSAE-16 Controls & Testing (Formally SAS-70)
– Geographically Diverse Data Centers
– Geographically Diverse Operations
– Disaster Hot Site Online
– USA Staff Programmers

Enrollment Software
– Situs: Pennsylvania
– Section 125 Plan Documentation
– 24/7 Online Enrollment Portal
– Benefits Statements
– New Hire Waiting Periods
– Defined Contribution Controls
– Employee/Employer Cost Sharing
– Pre- & Post- Tax Contributions
– Multi-Carrier Integration
– Waiting Period Controls
– Defined Contribution Controls
– Table-Driven Rules Setup/Controls Documents
– Archive Documents and Links Library
– Comprehensive Audit Trails
– Insurer EDI
– Payroll EDI

Call Center Support
– Situs: Pennsylvania
– Private T1 Lines
– Client-Specific Toll-Free #s
– Client-Customized Call Menus
– Client-Customized Call Metrics
– Cisco VoIP w/ Redundancies

COBRA Administration
– COBRA Compliance/Administration
– COBRA Initial Rights Notices
– COBRA Qualifying Event Notices
– COBRA Premium Billing
– COBRA Premium Collection
– COBRA Premium Remittance

Premium Administration
– Premium Billing
– Employers Premium Billing
– Employees Premium Billing
– Consolidated Premium Collection (PNC Lock boxes)
– Premium Reconciliation
– Premium Remittance (Check & ACH)
– Premium Reporting
– Gov’t Subsidy Integration
– COBRA Billing/Collection