Accounting Philosophy

Many online systems promote eliminating paper as the primary advantage for clients buying a benefits enrollment and administration system. At BAS, though we agree that eliminating paper has clear benefits, we think the real advantage of our solution is our focus on the accounting of premium and payroll deductions.

When one looks at the real costs of managing benefits enrollment, it is easy to see that keeping premiums and payroll deduction accurate can be quite difficult. This is why BAS designed to track both the monthly insurance premiums insurers need and the payroll deductions payroll systems need to assure accurate employee contributions.

Though managing premiums should seem straight forward, the accounting can become quite complex as employees’ salaries change, they move from one group of eligible benefits to another, they incur changes that require retroactive adjustments to already billed and paid periods, and there is a  need to coordinate pay period deductions that rarely divide evenly into monthly premium values.

To this end, was designed to import, export and manage data in a manner that assures premium accuracy and accountability. Thus, includes reconciliation capabilities with insurers’ and payroll data along with its own internal data controls to assure consistency.

In fact, BAS reconciles all new enrollment administration clients’ insurance bills and payroll deductions prior to taking the accounts live. In most of these new cases, BAS discovers the equivalent of $200 annualized per employee of erroneous premium and payroll deduction errors when it performs these reconciliations.

In short, though can eliminate the paper chase and brings about the cost-savings associated with automation, we believe the substantive part of the clients’ ROIs comes from reconciling, and maintaining accurately, the premium and payroll deductions.

Technology Philosophy

From BAS’ inception, management was committed to providing its clients with a complete, sole-source benefits software and administration solution within a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS) model. Thus, BAS’, as a SaaS solution provides many distinct advantages for clients, including:

  • No capital expenditures for servers & equipment
  • No server & equipment depreciation or obsolescence costs
  • No network administration, backup or other administrative duties
  • No computer/systems deployment costs
  • No programming costs
  • No consultant costs
  • No version update duties or costs
  • No capacity growth limitations or costs
  • No business continuity duties or costs
  • No IT support time or costs
  • No security equipment or firewalls to configure
  • No ancillary software costs (virus, backup, monitoring software, etc.)

Thus, embodies all the advantages of the SaaS model. Plus, BAS’ Administration Philosophy, described below, furthers’s advantages by eliminating the weaknesses of the SaaS model.

Administration Philosophy

From the early days of the micro computer revolution, BAS understood that businesses bought a great deal of software packages that promised efficiencies and cost savings. However, more often than not, these purchases rarely delivered their promised value.

These shortcomings occurred because these software programs required someone (or several people) to become expert with their use and maintenance. This meant installing, updating, and protecting the software. Also, often, it required paying for, and attending, training and supporting and training users within the organization. In order to eliminate the impact of these shortcomings and to assure a quick and meaningful return on investment for clients, BAS includes free maintenance and training throughout the life of its clients’ contracts.

Development Philosophy

Regardless of how sophisticated and capable a software solution may be, no software can support every client’s every situation  “out-of-the-box.” Thus, BAS decided from its inception that it would offer its clients a distinct advantage within its SaaS model by having staff programmers who would have in depth knowledge of the system and be capable of enhancing it quickly to meet changing markets and clients’ needs.

Blended Technology & Administration Philosophy

Since BAS is the manufacturer, implementer, and administrator of, we have full control over every aspect of your solution. Therefore, we are never at the mercy of other vendors or consultants when we need to modify our software and processes to meet changing client needs.

Implementation Philosophy

The key to any successful client installation and long-term success is predicated on a managed implementation process. As mentioned above, the new client data and premium reconciliation process is a paramount element of BAS’ implementation process.