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BAS Supports Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

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Benefit Allocation Systems, through its BAS Cares volunteer initiative, supported the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House “Show Your Stripes” campaign on October 15th

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National Cyber Security Awareness Month- 15 Years

This October is the 15th year of the nation recognizing National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The program was started to inform citizens about ways to say secure online.

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New Portfolio Application

MyEnroll’s Portfolio Application provides client administrators and employees with a file sharing and storage platform in the cloud, within the secure confines of MyEnroll. 

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BAS Data Storage Redundancy

BAS incorporates encryption and redundancy into its HIPAA Security posture for data storage.

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MyEnroll ACA Hours Collection

As we approach the Affordable Care Act (ACA) data collection and reporting deadline, we would like to remind you of the methods for recording hours in the ACA Compliance module.

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“Ready” is a national public service campaign that is intended to educate and empower people to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate emergencies. The website offers many resources for emergency preparedness. To avoid a cyberattack, Ready offers the following suggestions for setting up the proper controls:

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MyEnroll Administrator Access Changes

Employers using should make sure to notify BAS when administrators change or leave the company.

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IRS Suggests Encryption for Data

The IRS has encouraged tax preparers and owners of sensitive data to consider encryption. Encryption makes information unreadable without a deciphering key.

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Disposal of Electronic Devices

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights issued guidance on disposing of electronic devices. Employers should make sure they properly dispose of desktops, laptops, copiers, servers, smart phones, hard drives, etc. (“electronic devices”) so that sensitive information on those devices does not cause a data breach.

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New Tip of the Day in

Have you ever wished you could quickly and easily present messages on MyEnroll for your administrators and employees? How about having the capability to present different messages to your administrators and employees, different messages by employee class and plan enrollment, and require video-based training? Well, now you can!

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