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Methods for Submitting FSA Claims

BAS offers three easy ways for employees to submit FSA claims for review and reimbursement.

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BAS Encrypted Emails

BAS’ email encryption process is one of the many security features BAS has in place to protect sensitive information. Any email messages sent from a email message that contains an attachment or a Social Security number are automatically encrypted.

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BAS Implements New E-Mail Encryption Service

Beginning Tuesday, October 10, 2017, BAS will use Zixcorp as its e-mail encryption service.

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Administrators Assigned Unique User IDs and Passwords allows as many people as needed to have access to a particular employer account as an administrator. Each individual identified as an employer administrator is assigned a unique user ID and password to access the employer account in

For security purposes, it is necessary for each administrator to have their own user ID and password. Individuals should not be sharing access information with others in the employer’s location, even if all individuals are working for the same purpose. If someone in your workforce needs an administrator ID and password, please contact your account manager. The lead on the account will complete BAS’ administrator access form, sign the form, and BAS will provide the requested access by issuing a user ID and password.
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Insurer Inadvertently Reveals Medical Status in Mailing

Aetna inadvertently revealed the HIV status of some of its members. In July, a letter was sent to certain Aetna participants with information about HIV medication. The information was visible through the plastic mailing window.

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Recording Hours in MyEnroll

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers to track employees’ hours worked so the employer can determine each employee’s full-time status and eligibility for health coverage. There are various methods for recording hours in the ACA Compliance Module.

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MyEnroll users can view the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies at any time. Simply hover your mouse over the “Home” button and a list of options will appear. The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be selected from the drop down menu.

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MyEnroll Visual Enhancements

As part of BAS’ ongoing effort to elevate the MyEnroll user experience, we’ve made some aesthetic changes.

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Massive Data Breach

Last week, the credit reporting company Equifax reported a massive data security breach that compromised the personal information of around 143 million Americans. Residents of the United Kingdom and Canada were also impacted.

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BAS to Attend DFMC

BAS is looking forward to attending the Diocesan Fiscal Management Conference (DFMC) Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on September 24-27 as a Gold Sponsor.

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