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BAS Life Event Module

BAS helps employers review life event requests to determine if a mid-year change can be made under the plan.

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FBI Warns About Internet of Things

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released an article describing the risks associated with Internet-connected devices. These devices, such as home security systems, home assistants, etc., are referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Password Retrieval Process

BAS’ new “Retrieve Password” process requires the user to enter his or her “User Name” to reset the password.

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Small Business Security Planning

The government has resources to help smaller-sized businesses with security compliance.

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Account Details for COBRA

Cobra Control Services (CCS) provides easy and affordable COBRA and continuation of coverage administration. CCS also makes it simple to review and monitor individuals who elect continuation coverage.
The "Participant Details-New" section of MyEnroll provides a detailed view of COBRA continuant information. On this page, you can search for a continuant in his or her election period, an active COBRA participant, or a continuant whose COBRA has ended.
The information on the "Participant Details-New" page includes basic demographic information, COBRA coverages and costs, dates of notifications from CCS, copies of notifications, billing and check history, qualifying event start and end date, and other important information.
To reach the "Participant Details-New" page, log into with your administrator User ID and Password. Click the “Cobra” tab. Then select “Participant Details-New” under “History.”
For more information about COBRA and continuation of coverage administration, contact
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IRS Provides Steps for Tax Professionals to Protect Data

The IRS issued guidance on steps that tax professionals should take to protect their computers, email and taxpayer data. Non-tax professionals can learn from the guidance for best-practice security methods.

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OCR Guidance on Software Vulnerabilities and Patching

In a recent newsletter, the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services provided guidance on software vulnerabilities and patching.

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Managing Life Events in MyEnroll

The cafeteria plan (Code section 125 plan) rules require benefits paid with pre-tax dollars to be set for the entire coverage year. Changes are permitted to be made in only very limited circumstances. One of these permitted election changes is a life event. BAS helps employers review life event requests to determine if a mid-year change can be made under the plan.

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Adding Notes to MyEnroll

Administrators who use’s online enrollment system may find the Notes Program useful. Through the Notes module, administrators can document conversations and information specific to each employee. 

After selecting an employee in, the Notes module allows administrators to add notations that are saved for future access. The Notes tab saves data automatically, and offers a “follow up” option for creating date/time sensitive tasks that may be assigned to the user or other authorized administrators 

The application includes a search function to review existing notes. While in the Notes module, an administrator can still have access to important employee information such as coverage listings, notes history and support contacts. 

For questions about navigating the Notes feature of, contact

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FBI Releases an Alert on Business Email Compromise Scams


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