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BAS offers organizations a comprehensive set of Human Resources & Compliance solutions.  Whether answering COBRA, HR, or labor questions, developing QMCSO policies, reviewing QMCSO orders, preparing SPDs and SMMs, preparing Annual 5500 Forms and SARs, or preparing and sending employee notices required by law (e.g., CHIP, WHCRA, HIPAA, etc.), BAS’ HR Services are an efficient and very inexpensive alternative to the burdensome (and sometimes prohibitive) expense of relying on legal counsel.

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Primary Services

  • COBRA Question and Answer Service
  • General HR Question and Answer Service
  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order Services
  • HIPAA Training Services
  • SPD and SMM Preparation Services
  • Form 5500 & SAR Preparation Services
  • Employee Regulatory Notices Preparation Services

General HR Q&A

  • BAS provides comprehensive Human Resources advice and answers to commonly asked questions.  We advise on human resources compliance issues including, but not limited to
  • FSA/HRA/HSA compliance issues
  • Health plan benefit structures after health care reform
  • Wellness program implementation and operation
  • HIPAA compliance
  • FMLA, disability, vacation and other leave issues
  • Workers’ compensation compliance

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