Since 1989

In 1989, BAS was formed out of Taylor & Ochroch, Inc’s group health & property/casualty insurance agency (T&O) to respond to T&O’s commercial clients’ new demands for customizable Section 125 cafeteria plan design, record keeping enrollment, insurer electronic data interchange, insurer premium self-reporting, and administration specialty software.

The Power of the Internet

In the late 1990’s, as organizations’ demand for BAS’ services grew and the promise of the Internet percolated as a contender for user administration self-service over service bureau batch processing, BAS converted its IBM AS400-based administration software into Internet capable software with the expectation that employers and employees would be able to service their group health plan eligibility, enrollment, billing, and compliance.

An Early Adopter

In 1999, a prominent Federal agency (by contract we are not permitted to advertise its name) became an early adopter of MyEnroll for its customizable and flexible Section 125 cafeteria plan design, record keeping enrollment, insurer electronic data interchange, and insurer premium self-reporting capabilities. Though not one of the intended outcomes from the Agency/BAS relationship, the success of MyEnroll within Agency’s organization drove expansion of MyEnroll’s capabilities and strengthened BAS’ operations and security that would likely not have occurred without that agency’s requirements. This relationship continues today and continually evolves to meet the Agency’s changing needs.

COBRA for the Masses

In 2004, BAS established COBRA Control Services, LLC (“CCS”), as a wholly owned subsidiary, to further brand its standalone COBRA/HIPAA enrollment, billing, collection and customer service capabilities.

In 2009, BAS strengthened its COBRA business by quickly adapting to changes set forth the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (“ARRA”) to provide extended coverage periods and premium subsidies seamlessly to CCS’ COBRA Continuants.

Largest Group by Employee Count – 35,000 under BAS Administration

In 2010, BAS broadened its industries served by bringing on 50 catholic entities (archdiocese, dioceses, and catholic charities) from California, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Illinois and their 35,000 employees with a complete compliment of BAS’ online benefits administration, location billing/collection, EDI, Premium Self-Billing, Call Center, COBRA and many other services to support these entities’ employee benefits life cycle – from hire to retire and beyond.

2012 Ushers in HRA Administration

BAS announced on that effective April 1, 2012, it will begin administering Health Reimbursement Accounts (“HRAs”).

This important offering will provide clients with three valuable service level options: (1) HRA Standalone administration, (2) FSA Standalone administration and (3) Combined HRA and FSA administration.

Presently, BAS is accepting requests for quotes and is prepared to help existing and prospective clients engage for an April 1 effective date (later dates are available effective the first of any month).

Conversions from Current HRA Providers to BAS (Mid-year Conversions)

BAS is accepting mid-year conversions from both current and prospective clients and at no additional cost to its standard setup fees. The conversion process can be quick and easy without an interruption in services.

HRA Debit Card

BAS’ HRA solution includes integration with its Benny Card MasterCard®, as is presently available with BAS’ FSA programs. This single-platform debit card supports automatic electronic transfer of pre-tax dollars from an HRA when paying for qualified expenses and can accommodate both an HRA and FSA on the same card. This simplification empowers employers and their consultants to design strategic medical plan offerings to best combat rising health coverage costs.

HRA Pricing

BAS’s pricing will be extremely competitive and offer the same per participant price regardless of the design and combination of health FSAs and HRAs. The price per participant, with (or without) the Benny Debit Card will be $5.50 per month and employer group $900 annual setup/renewal fee.

HRA Design Flexibility

BAS will support standalone HRA designs and integrated HRA and FSA designs. BAS will support a wide range of HRA plan designs including plans with “Employee-Paid First Dollar Offsets” and “Annual Rollover Amounts.”  BAS, through its Cobra Control Services, LLC subsidiary, will administer COBRA continuation coverage for an HRA, to the extent the HRA is a group health plan subject to COBRA continuation coverage requirements.  Separate pricing for COBRA administration will apply.

Online Information with MyEnroll.com

BAS’ MyEnroll.com will provide HRA participants with comprehensive HRA balance, claims and EOB information online, as it does for participants in its FSA programs.

HRA Background

Health Reimbursement Arrangements, or HRAs, are employer-sponsored health plans with patient-directed features that give employees choice and control over their health care coverage. The IRS released guidance on HRAs in 2002 providing that HRAs meeting certain requirements would not be taxable to employees.  In the approximately ten years since their inception, many employers find HRAs a welcome alternative to the traditional health plan structure. HRAs allow insurance advisers and health plan administrators the opportunity to design innovative programs of health plan coverage utilizing the fully insured, or self-funded health plans employers work with everyday.

Expansion of Premium Billing Services into Non-Health Insurance Premiums

In 2011, BAS initiated its new property/casualty insurance and operating expense billing services for its first client with more than 600 locations throughout California. BAS experienced an expansion its it reseller distribution channel through payroll firms that have found coupling payroll services with BAS’ COBRA, FSA and enrollment services helps them compete in their highly competitive market.

What’s Next?

BAS is working hard on its preparations to support State and Private healthcare exchanges, which are being formed out of the healthcare reform passed in 2010. BAS already has one client – a multiple employer trust – with approximately 2,500 employee lives that BAS will be helping convert into a Private Exchange. This process is well underway because BAS’ MyEnroll.com already has all of the operational components to support exchanges including:

  • online quoting
  • online client acquisition
  • licensed insurance agents call center
  • self-service online enrollment 
  • mid-year self-service online life event enrollment
  • annual open enrollment self-service enrollment
  • employer billing
  • employee billing
  • insurance carrier EDI
  • premium reconciliation
  • ACH payment interfaces
  • and much more…