Healthcare Exchanges

A Leading Software Developer

Benefit Allocation Systems, LLC (BAS) is a national leader in software development and business process outsourcing services for employee benefits enrollment and administration. BAS’ software can provide Health Insurance Exchange solutions for both state-sponsored exchanges and private exchanges.

A Leading Software as a Service Solution

BAS is the technology and business process provider for enrollment and administration for more than 4,000 organizations including insurance trusts, federal agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private & public companies. Several of BAS’ clients, particularly insurance trusts, utilize BAS’ enrollment and administration services as the foundation for managing group insurance enrollment, premium billing, premium collection, COBRA and other compliance matters.

Right for Any Type of Organization

BAS technology for single employers, multiple-employer trusts, and health exchanges is unified in one state-of-the art software built on a combination of Oracle database and Microsoft ASP.Net technologies. The BAS unified database solution for enrollment and administration offers states and other exchanges a flexible, robust, web-based solution with more than 20 years of benefits administration experience with employers, brokers and consumers.

A Single, Unified Database for all Processes

There are very few companies like BAS that can offer a single-database with a web portal front end that can manage employees through the entire employee benefits transaction life cycle – from hire to retire and beyond. BAS’ technology is so remarkably flexible and efficient that presently it supports employer plans with as few as one participant and as many as 35,000 participants.

More than SaaS – Complete Suport

Unlike almost all other technology providers, BAS offers more than a Software-as-a-Service solution; it offers the support and business process services within the SaaS solution. BAS’ SaaS solution blended with its call center support, COBRA & FSA processing, and Premium Billing/Collection/Reconciliation/Remittance process sets BAS apart from all others.

Know How and Experience

Over the past 20 years, BAS has managed the administration for insurance multiple-employer trusts and welfare arrangements and VEBA that, in terms of employee enrollment management, are ironically very much like the proposed exchanges – whether public or private. BAS’ experience with these exchange-like entities positions BAS as the perfect partner for organizations that will be leading the development of exchanges for both public SHOP exchanges and private exchanges.

BAS’ 20 years of software development coupled with its experience in business process outsourcing, accounting and compliance – all in-house competencies – assures that a BAS partnership results in timely and accurate implementations that can scale to support the largest conceivable employee benefit plans whether private or public.

“The market is becoming littered with technologists that claim their exchange solutions will implement quickly,” said BAS President Arthur S. Taylor. The fact is, that managing benefits, coordinating with carriers, employers, and regulations requires experience and expertise, which BAS has in spades. It will not be enough to provide web sites to collect information and pass it along the various workflows. There are a plethora of issues that must be managed, and only years of insurance and administration experience will be able to navigate these complexities. When a state selects BAS as a member of its health care exchange team, it will be able to be confident that it has the right partner with the technology and insurance expertise and experience.”

BAS’ services provide the full set of services and technologies to communication, enroll, trade data, manage premium, and manage compliance. Its remarkable client retention rates are a testament to its ability to implement and maintain some of the most advanced technologies while keeping its solutions relevant and compliant.